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Welcome to the wiki information site for students attending the UTSA COLFA Semester in Urbino Italy. Travel is all about building and sharing experiences and we created this webpage as a way to pass along information from year to year. While many of you will create individual blogs, it is valid to remember that the best travel goes beyond the individual, helping to enrich the community. We hope you will add your own touches and be inspired by the content contained here.

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Come experience the Renaissance in the historical walled city of Urbino—World Heritage Site and renowned center of Italian literature, art, and culture. Immerse yourself in the works of Dante, Petrarch, and Castiglione. Walk the cobbled streets where the young Raphael once walked, and study the classical foundations of the Renaissance as they emerge before you in the literature, art, and language of fifteenth-century Italy.
You’ll tour the stunning palace of the grand duke Federico da Montefeltro and fall in love with the art he surrounded himself with. You’ll travel with your professors to nearby medieval towns, and then on to Rome, Venice, Florence, and other historical cities. You’ll study Italian and live among Italian students at the University of Urbino, with stunning mountains and the gorgeous Adriatic coast at less than an hour's reach.